[How to distinguish dyed mulberries]_How to distinguish_How to distinguish

[How to distinguish dyed mulberries]_How to distinguish_How to distinguish

The sweet and sour taste of mulberry can arouse many people’s fond memories of childhood.

However, some unscrupulous traders, in order to maximize their interests, transformed mulberries for dyeing, so that the color and luster seemed to be deceptive.

Mulberries are rarely eaten at first, and many people may not pay attention when buying, and they are easily fooled.

So, how to distinguish dyed mulberries?

Let ‘s take a look at the discrimination method.

Mulberries are artificially dyed.

Usually mulberry washed with water will fade, but washed 6?
7 The next fade or washed out color is black, then this mulberry can have been artificially dyed.

How to identify whether the mulberry is dyed? Look at the appearance of the mulberry. The outside of the mulberry should be purple or dark red. If the color is too dark, it may be artificially dyed mulberry.

Soaking in mulberry water 2?
The water is basically clear after 3 passes. If the water is still black after being soaked a few times, it is most likely that it has been stained mulberry.

The anthocyanins in the flowering vinegar or alkali mulberry turn red when they are acidic and turn blue when they are alkali. If they do not change color, they may be dyed.

Precautions for eating mulberry mulberry 1. The mulberry resident population is wide, but the spleen and stomach are cold and diarrhea are not suitable for consumption.

2, can not be made with iron, acid compounds secreted from mulberry will react with iron to form harmful substances.

3. Mulberry must not eat more. Mulberry contains hemolytic allergens and hyaluronic acid. If the human body consumes a large amount of contents, hemolytic enteritis may easily occur.

Another excessive consumption will cause nosebleeds.

4, mulberry contains more starch and sugar content is not low, for people with diabetes it is not appropriate to eat foods containing sugar, so mulberry should be avoided.

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