“No more,It’s late,master,You rest early,good night。”

Liu Xiaoyun said to Qin Liang with a sweet smile,Just pretend to be calm and composed,Walk past Qin Liang,Ready to bugger。
But she is too naive,When she and Qin Liang passed by,Qin Liang Qingshu Ape Arm,Hugged her easily……
“master,Stop making trouble, okay。”
Liu Xiaoyun is still working hard to keep calm,She didn’t struggle and resist,Because she knows any kind of struggle and resistance,In front of Qin Liang,It’s as fragile as a kid’s trick。
“I didn’t fight with you,I was serious。”
Qin Liang is a beautiful girl,I feel good immediately……
“I agreed with Xiaoxue……Come after she goes to the bathroom,Hurry up and let me go,Otherwise she will see!”
While avoiding Qin Liang’s kiss,Liu Xiaoyun reminded Qin Liang,Of course it’s just her escape,She and Xiaoxue didn’t say anything beforehand。
“amount!real or fake?”
Qin Liang was stunned。
“Of course it is true!You do not believe?She is about to open the door to come in,Don’t you hurry up and let me go!”
Liu Xiaoyun looked panicked……
Qin Liang really got fooled,Hurriedly let go of Liu Xiaoyun!
“Let me see if she is here!”
Liu Xiaoyun put on a pretence and quickly arranged the clothes on her body,Then walked to the door,Open the door carefully,Poke your head out to look outside……Of course there can be no Shen Ruoxue in the corridor,She deliberately pretended to deceive Qin Liang like this!
“what,She hasn’t come yet!I’ll go back quickly,master,good night,have a sweet dream!”
Liu Xiaoyun came out of the room,Turned his head and smiled and greeted Qin Liang,Then ran away immediately!
“I have a hasty!I was fooled!you~~You lied to me!”

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