“Here is the gate,Facing the street again,inconvenient。If you are sincere, send some representatives,Come to my office,Let’s talk。”

“We won’t go in,Last time your judicial office handcuffed our representative for a day,We are determined not to go in this time。If you want to talk to us, just move a table and chair,On-site office。”
“Don’t tell him,He is a deputy and cannot be the master,Call Secretary Zhu out,We told him,Otherwise, we will go to the municipal party committee to say。”Someone in the crowd said loudly。
“Anyway, I won’t agree to our terms today,We just sit here and won’t leave,Hunger strike for you!”Someone said。
“Correct,If the party committee doesn’t give an explanation today,We won’t go,If you want to handcuff all of us,Taking advantage of the time now,Hurry up and prepare more handcuffs,We will have someone coming soon。”
Peng Changyi said:“This is the people’s government,How can you handcuff the people??I promise everyone,No one will handcuff everyone。If I handcuffed everyone today,I will be handcuffed tomorrow。Please trust me。”
At that time, this kind of containment of government agencies was rare,It’s also simple and rude to handle,Often use the public order management regulations to gather crowds to make trouble。This will not solve the problem,Often intensifies contradictions。
“We dare not say,You didn’t know anything when you first came,Let Secretary Zhu come out。”Someone said。
Peng Changyi said with a smile:“You won’t follow me in,I think my position is low,But you have to talk about certain procedures in response to problems.,Secretary Zhu went to a meeting in the city,You guys respond to me,I report to the party committee。Another point,Even if you find him,He will also inform me of the situation,Because according to the latest division of the party committee members,I am in charge of the petition from the masses,In addition, I’m still the leader,Specifically responsible for your village。”
“Tell you can you be the master?”The woman just said。
“I don’t know what’s the matter,How do I know if I can be the master?But i promise,As long as the problem you are responding to is true,The party committee must give everyone an explanation。”Peng Changyi said with a smile。
There are a few people in the crowd whispering something,Everyone’s eyes were on a lanky middle-aged man。That person glanced at Peng Changyi,I covered my mouth and said something to the people around me,Someone said immediately:“We won’t go in,Just say here,Or we go to the municipal party committee。”
Peng Changyi noticed the tall and thin man,He said:“I believe you really have a problem and need to respond to the party committee,Otherwise, who wouldn’t let go of farm work and come to make trouble,Since this is the case,You also hope to solve the problem,Instead of deliberately making trouble。”
He has a heavy tone:“If you don’t believe me,Worried that we handcuffed you,We can come to the communication room,Standing here and talking will not solve the problem,Besides, the weather is getting hotter,Why don’t you give yourself a way to correctly reflect the problem??Still the sentence just now,No matter how you responded to the problem before,Met me today,I have to manage,And have to manage,As long as you believe me,Will tell me about your reaction,Instead of despising my low position,I promise you again,Make sure I’m responsible for this。”
Someone in the crowd began to whisper to the tall and thin man。
At this moment,The man raised his head and said loudly:“it is good,We agree to talk,But in the communication room,Our people can’t go back。”
Peng Changyi said:“I have noticed you a long time ago,You finally stand up and speak,Worthy of a man。You are the one,You come out,Follow me in。But I also have a condition,Let your people spread out,Or come to the yard,Cannot block the door and affect the normal office order of the agency!”
“We want three people to talk to you。”The thin and tall one said。
“OK。bring it on。”Peng Changyi didn’t expect that they agreed to negotiate so soon,It seems to be the light of my new arrival。Peng Changyi took the lead and walked into the communication room,Said:“Master Hu,You have seen and heard,Have to use the office。”
Old man smiled,Said:“no problem。”Talking and get up,I brought two chairs inside,The old man made water for everyone again before going out。

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