Qin Liang walked to Liu Rushi’s desk,Saw she was drawing a sketch of a coat,Qin Liang is a layman,But I still see that she painted very well,also very beautiful,The lines and composition are very good。

“Yeah,when did you come?I don’t even know。”
Liu Rushi only raised her head,Looked at Qin Liang in surprise,Stand up and answer him。
“Oh,I just want to come and see you,You don’t need to care,how about it?Are you still used to working here?Tell me if you are not satisfied。”
Qin Liang asked with concern,I took a closer look at Liu Rushi,He found her complexion much better,Flushed on my face,And it looks a little fatter,I want to come, her body has completely recovered。
“No,all good。”
Liu Rushi smiled gracefully,Qin Liang suddenly felt that a white and elegant flower bloomed in front of him……I can’t help but look foolish。
Actually compared with Shen Ruoxi,Liu Rushi is still a little worse,But the difference is;Shen Ruoxi and Qin Liang already got it,And Liu Rushi hasn’t gotten it yet……Unobtainable,Is the best!
“hate,What do you keep staring at me……”
Liu Rushi blushed when Qin Liang saw,I didn’t dare to meet Qin Liang’s eyes。
“no way,You are so beautiful!”
Qin Liang blurted out,I completely forgot that there are five people behind me!
“What are you up to?Never see you。”
Liu Rushi was praised by Qin Liang,He blushed completely,Didn’t say anything for a long time,Finally, I found a kind sentence and changed the subject。
“You want to see me,I will come every day from now on。”
Nima!Qin Liang, this is the rhythm of the nympho,This sentence made the five people behind him goose bumps all over the place,Embarrassed,I think I should leave this office for now。
Liu Rushi is ashamed,I don’t know what to say now。

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