Liu Qin was shocked all over,Got up quickly,Kneeling and crawling in front of Mao Yi’an,Grabbed his pants,Crying out of breath,“Maoyuan……What i said……Sentence is true,If there is a lie……I thunder and thunder!”

“Yi’an,Don’t worry,Call the Qiao Yiyi she was talking about。”At this time, Dou Lao reminded Mao Yi’an。
“it is good。”Mao Yi’an Chong Dou Lao nodded,Then he ordered the assistant doctor just now:“go with,Go call that Joey Yi。”
Assistant doctor nodded,Hurriedly turned and ran back to internal medicine。
“I tell you,If Qiao Yiyi comes in a while, she won’t admit that this medical plan was written by her.,I immediately call the police to catch you!”Mao Yian pointed to Liu Qin on the ground and said angrily。
“Joey,Dean Mao calls you。”The assistant doctor called Qiao Yiyi after entering the internal medicine department。
“what?Call me?”Qiao Yiyi suddenly felt a little nervous,Asked hurriedly,“Why did you call me this time??”
“I have something to ask you,move。”The assistant doctor greeted her in a hurry。
Qiao Yiyi got up and followed him out,Anxious,I wondered if it was Liu Qin who made a small report with the dean,Want to fire yourself?
First0238Zhang Zhencai Shixue
After she followed the assistant doctor back to the intensive care unit,I saw Liu Qin kneeling on the ground crying all the way,Can’t help but startled,Some unknown so。
“Dean,Doctor Joe is here。”The assistant doctor shouted at Mao Yi’an。
“Joey,What i ask you,You have to answer truthfully!Otherwise I will send you back right away,Did you hear!”
Mao Yi’an frowned and asked coldly。
“heard it。”Qiao Yiyi nodded,I looked at Liu Qin who was kneeling on the ground in surprise.。

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