[Can jam be soaked in water]_No, no_No

[Can jam be soaked in water]_No, no_No

Jam is a kind of food that more and more people love to eat now. This kind of food can be directly ingested or soaked in water to drink. It can make people feel appetite, especially some sweet and sour.Sweet jam can reduce the loss of appetite, and you can also properly ingest the nutrients contained in the jam. Many jams are made from a variety of fruits.

When making cakes, you can usually make buns, cakes, and cakes with jam as an ornament.

It looks beautiful and has a sweet fruity taste.

Some of the original fries are very bland.

At this time you can dip some jam, sweet and crunchy.

When mixing oats with oats in the morning, you can make half a spoon or a spoonful.

The sweet and sour taste is very special.

The usual grains of salad make a special taste.

Everyone can use the jam as sugar.

Drink yogurt a lot of yogurt has fruit flavor.

You can buy a cup of yogurt and pour in a small amount of jam. The taste is delicious.

Many fruits are complete jams, such as apple, pear, peach, apricot, etc.

The manufacturing method is similar to the above steps.

Be careful not to use rotten fruits. The weight of other fruits is subject to peeling and pitting. Generally, jam is made by 1 part of pulp and half of sugar (the amount of sugar can also be halved, plus the same maltose), the amount of sugar can beProper increase and decrease, sugar can make jam thick, and sugar is a good preservative. Too little use of sugar content changes the shelf life. If the amount of sugar is moderate, well-sterilized jam can be more than 6 months.

If it is a less concentrated fruit such as apples, pears, etc., you can add half of the water; the pot for jams is preferably acid-resistant, such as blueberries, hawthorn, etc. can not be cooked in iron or aluminum pots, pay attention to constant stirring while cooking,It is best to use a wooden spoon; the container for jam is best to replace the glass, and it should be boiled with boiling water for 5-10 minutes before disinfection and control (do not use a towel to wipe); fill the container with hot jam and cover while it is hotKeep it tight and compact, place it upside down, and dry it at room temperature. The bottle mouth will face up (this will prevent air from entering and make the bottle vacuum). It is best to store it in the refrigerator.

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