She took a breath,Said:“Are you here for this??I can’t help with his work,you guys……Thing,I can’t help either,Because this is your personal business。”

Listen to her,Li Lisha immediately grabbed Xia Jihan’s wrist,Said:“Xiaoxia,you can help me,Persuade him,He listens to you the most。”
“Sorry,This is between you,I am inconvenienced。”
Li Lisha rejected herself when she heard,Can’t help but bloody despair,Tears fell off。
She choked and looked at Xia Jihan and said:“Xiaoxia,I used to be wrong,I always think I didn’t really get him,I always think his heart is still on you,I am indeed jealous of you,seriously,After you go,I also quarreled with her。But we are too much。Otherwise, I won’t get together with Luo Ting。Speak the truth,Cousin scolded me too,Dad scolded me too,he、He hit me……”
Li Lisha lowered her head in shame,Wiping tears with a tissue。
Can admit these in front of Xia Jihan,Li Lisha does need courage and sincerity。
At this time the waiter came in to refill the water。After looking at the two of them, they stepped back。
Li Lisha continued:“Xiaoxia,I used to be wrong,hope you can forgive me。I love him so much,Always afraid of losing him,So sometimes I anger you,I’m always afraid that he will come back to you。”
Xia Jihan gave a wry smile,Thought,how could it be possible,None of us can go back,but,She didn’t say that to Li Lisha,But to ask:“What can i help you?”
Li Lisha saw that Xia Jihan’s tone had loosened,Just say:“Go talk to him,Persuade him。”
“Persuade him to give up the side,Do you live well with you at home?”
“Yes,Xiaoxia,You are very nice。Are you willing to help me?”Li Lisha’s eyes light up,Said excitedly。
“But you must answer me a question:you,Do you really love him?”Xia Jihan stared at her and asked。
Li Lisha’s eyes immediately burst into tears,She choked and said:“Love,You don’t know how much i love,From school to now,All my dreams are entrusted to him,I waited for him for years……”
Speaking of which,Li Lisha gave her a shy look,Wiping tears。
First232、233chapter I come to save you

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