“Uh,I’m……”Hu Lai reacted,I was recognized by others。

After guessing that Hu Lai affirmed,There was a burst of cheers from the crowd。
Then everyone rushed up,Postcard in hand、White paper、The jersey and marker were handed to Hu Lai:“Can you sign me?”
“Hu Lai,I am your fan!Please sign me!”
“Hu Lai, this is your jersey in Shining Star,I hope you can sign on this!”
“Hu Lai, I didn’t bring anything,Can you sign my school uniform directly?”
Both men and women are scrambling to get Hu Lai to sign for himself,More people are taking pictures with their phones、Video。
They are ready to make a vibrato。
Hu Lai met their requirements,Asked curiously:“How did you know that i came to school?”
This is a temporary intention,Never told anyone。
“Someone took a picture of you eating,Then send it to the class group,I was recognized,Hehe!”The student who got Hu Lai’s signature was very happy,Also answered Hu Lai’s question。
Hu Lai kept signing in the crowd,Someone outside was wondering why a large group of people gathered suddenly,Ask someone to ask:“Classmate,May I ask which star came to our school??Why didn’t I see it online?”
“Celebrity?Oh,Correct,Indeed a star。Hu Lai is here!”Failed to squeeze in,The classmates who can only stand outside and watch the excitement look around,While answering the other party’s question。
“Hu Lai?Which hulai?”
The person asked withdraws his eyes,Glanced at each other curiously:“Isn’t it,Classmate?Are you our Dongchuan student??Which hulai?What else can there be??Hu Lai on the school honor roll!”
The other party also suddenly realized:“Hu Lai in that photo?”
“Yes,Who else but him?The name of the entire Dongchuan Middle School is so……Special person,Only this Hu Lai!”

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