Elizabeth Taylor’s diet meal


Elizabeth Taylor’s diet meal

Core Tip: Although the Hollywood Evergreen Elizabeth Taylor, who is known as the “Yu Po”, has passed away, it gives people the feeling of eternal radiance, which has a lot to do with her maintenance.

Many people don’t know that she used to be very fat. After hard work, she finally succeeded in reducing her weight. What is her diet meal?

銆€銆€Milk and tofu are the recipe for slimming and slimming, which is easy to give people a feeling of fullness and high calcium content.

During the milk diet, replace the tofu with your daily food supplement as a supplement.

銆€銆€Daily fixed breakfast: half a grapefruit, a slice of toast, a cup of coffee or tea (without sugar).

銆€銆€Monday lunch: integrated cold cuts (follow your own taste, including lean meat, chicken, turkey, lean beef, etc.), tomatoes (sliced or cooked over low heat), coffee or tea for a dinner: fish or shellfish, anyOne can (steamed), a comprehensive salad (any kind of green vegetables or other vegetables can be added).

A slice of toast, a cup of coffee or tea, a grapefruit lunch on Tuesday: a fruit salad (how many kinds of fruit can be added); a cup of coffee or tea for dinner: boiled lean bacon or ham; tomatoes, cabbage, celery, olives,Pumpkin, cucumber, longan, cabbage, etc.; coffee or tea a cup of lunch on Wednesday: salmon or other fish salad (no oil), add lemon juice or vinegar sauce; grapefruit or watermelon, or any kind of fruit; a cup of coffee or tea銆€銆€Dinner: sliced braised lamb, all the fat and a small amount are cut off without skin; cabbage, tomato, cucumber, celery salad; coffee or tea a cup of lunch on Thursday: two eggs, no limit to the cooking method (no oil);Tomatoes with beans or slices (smoked in slow fire); a piece of toast, coffee or tea for dinner: braised, stewed or baked chicken, should be removed from all visible aunts or skins before eating; fullFriday lunch with vegetables, green peppers, coffee or tea: a combination of cheese slices, vegetables, a slice of toast; a cup of coffee or tea for dinner: fish or meat;缁糞alad (any kind of vegetables can be added); a piece of toast; coffee or tea a Saturday lunch: fruit salad, coffee or tea for a dinner: braised chicken or turkey; tomatoes, cabbage, grapefruit or seasonal fruitCoffee or tea for a Sunday lunch: cold or hot turkey or chicken; tomatoes, carrots, cabbage or broccoli; grapefruit or seasonal fruit; coffee or tea for a dinner: freshly cooked steak, all aunts to be removed, cabbage, cucumber, celery, tomatoes (sliced or cooked), salad; longan cabbage or olives; sliced fruit; a cup of coffee or tea

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