How to keep skin hydrated


How to keep skin hydrated

The fashionable long drama “Pearl and Treasure” just staged in the Mainland has made many lovers of beauty sigh. The glorious and elegant words in the play, the elegant and moisturizing skin of the three sisters IELTS and IELTS are enviable. Many viewers think that marryingThe wealthy women’s brocades and natural foods can naturally last a long time, and even the skin reveals a proud pearl.


hzh {display: none; }  其实,只要有水的滋养,每个女人都能绽放出属于自己的最美容颜,时刻关注肌肤的需求,做个24小时都滋润的水漾女人,属于你的“珠光宝气”Nature can also be revealed!

How to do it is perfect, let the three beauties in “Pearl and Treasure” tell you that at 7:00 am the day is the morning.

Cai Shaofen, who plays IELTS in “Pearl and Treasure”, is very experienced in the morning maintenance.

It is necessary to drink a glass of water after clear waking. The warm water not only allows the body functions to re-run, promotes metabolism, but also injects a new day of energy into each cell of the skin.

  Cai Shaofen’s recommended breakfast can arrange meats such as ham, but it definitely needs fruit.

Because the water and nutrients in fruits are an indispensable natural tonic for the skin and one of the sources of skin hydration.

  9:00 am at the company, starting a day of work, someone must be a little tired during the nervous journey to work. At this time, don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of water first, in time to replenish the body’s just lost water, and let your cells in the waterGet nourished.

Ya Yan (Shao Meiqi) in Pearly Treasure is a capable woman, but in reality Shao Meiqi will not forget to replenish her. Even at the shooting site of Pearly Treasure, everyone will see her take out a spring water spray for skin at any time.Rehydration, especially before the lens that needs makeup, if you do not replenish in time, the skin with thick makeup is prone to wrinkles!

  The air in the office is often lack of water due to air conditioners, drinking water, using a humidifier, and mineral spray are all good ways to keep the skin hydrated.

  At 12:00 lunch time, although you do not feel very hungry, the skin has actually become very thirsty and requires extra care.

The natural beauty Li Zi, who plays Ya Tong in “Pearl and Treasure,” is worthy of lunch nutrition.

Li Zi often said that if you eat fresh, you will naturally be refreshed.

  She suggested that everyone usually eat light food and fruits and vegetables for lunch, focusing on fiber and vitamin C supplements, not only to help the cells repair, avoid the generation of wrinkles, and to keep the skin hydrated to cope with the heavy work pressure in the afternoon.

  1:00 pm lunch break, if you feel the skin is tight, you can “steal very leisurely”, you can learn to spray a wet spray on the skin as often as Shao Meiqi, perform a quick care procedure, and then drink a glass of water, then you canRaising her fresh and refreshing face, she was refreshed to face the work of the afternoon.

  3:00 pm Of course, let the moisturizing spray continue to work, especially in highly dry areas, such as the corners of the mouth, between the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes. “IELTS” Cai Shaofen encourages everyone, if working in a dry place,Moisturizing must be enough, using some essences and super moisturizing lotion can also help to consolidate the skin’s hydration, but it should be noted that the face and eye products should be used separately, so as to avoid improper maintenance but trace amounts.

  7:00 pm can finally be closed. If there is no must-have entertainment, fitness is the best way to relax and skincare.

Both “Yatomi” Li Zi and “IELTS” Cai Shaofen claimed that sports are a long-lasting means for women to maintain their beauty and courage. If you insist, Li Zi will do hundreds of push-ups every day before she quits.

In addition, please remind everyone not to forget to drink some fresh fruit juice while sweating, and to replenish the water lost after exercise. The body and skin also need it.

  8:00 pm The three beauties in Pearly Treasure have their own theories about maintenance, but for dinner, they all agree on a simple dinner with less oil and less food.

After returning home, you can drink a bottle of mineral water. Cai Shaofen will definitely have soup or porridge during the beauty dinner, and eat some high-vitamin fruits after the meal. This is the best way to nourish the skin.

  9:00 pm All beauties believe that skin care is best done at night.

Because 11pm to 2am is the golden time for skin cells to repair themselves.

At this time, Cai Shaofen usually enjoys a completely relaxing shower first, while Li Zi likes to massage her whole body while taking a bath, and then the skin care in the evening begins.

A deep moisturizing mask can be made every week. After 15 minutes of skin SPA, the skin is completely relaxed.

After washing the mask or thoroughly cleansing, you can use moisturizing products such as water essence to apply it on the face carefully and massage it a little. The ones that are most aging can not be forgotten.

A light night cream with some hydration is better.

  11:00 pm The 24-hour “Pearl and Treasure” big star star perfect hydration plan comes to an end, accompanied by moisturizing, tender and elastic skin into dreamland, if you can persist, I believe that even dreams have become extremely sweet!

Therefore, it is not difficult to maintain the skin condition of Li Zi, Cai Shaofen, and Shao Meiqi!

  Especially recommended for women under 24 hours to moisturize and moisturize products below L’Oreal Paris Moisturizing Hydrating Mask 100ml / 150 RMB moisture.

Instantly replenishes moisture, injects plenty of moisture and essence at one time, so that the skin is instantly plumped and full, visible and persistent for a long time.

  Suitable for use once a week, strengthens hydration, and brings long-term special water nourishment to the skin once a week.

  L’Oreal Paris Moisturizing All-Day Moisturizing Water Essence 50ml / 120RMB is in the form of a water-locking capsule, which keeps the moisturizer tightly sealed to ensure that the excellent moisturizing ingredients can be transported straight into the skin.

The skin enjoys a continuous stream of hydration all day long, showing the hydrating vitality beyond imagination.

Original particle size, which will be transformed into water immediately upon contact with the skin, refreshing and moisturizing, making the effective ingredients more easily penetrate the skin strength.

  It is suitable for daily hydration and moisturizing work after cleansing the face every night, and can bring a warm feeling to the skin all night.

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