[Cookies practice]_Cookies_How to do_How to do

[Cookies practice]_Cookies_How to do_How to do

Pancake is actually a kind of fried food. The main ingredients include chicken, skewered ham, eggs, red sausage, fish fillet, etc., especially northerners like this food, and it is also the best choice. So nowLet’s find out how to make sandwiches.

First, practice 1.

Seasoning sauce (can be prepared by yourself or purchased on the market), you can buy 2 kinds of sweet and spicy, and sweet sauce can also be directly used for sweet noodle sauce!


Such as paprika, pepper, cumin powder.


The cake is very simple, you can make it directly or buy it. There are many local things.


The meat can be selected by yourself, usually pork loin or chicken loin, which can be bought at the frozen meat market.


You can add some vegetables, such as cabbage and potato chips, or you can add fried kelp, which is rich in nutrition.

There are fried eggs. This technique needs to be practiced. After all, the effect is not the same as that of home-fried pans; it can also be fried directly, of course, boiled eggs can also be used.

For other ingredients, you can choose to fry or replace the cooked ones. Take the clips or chopsticks and put them in the cake. Cut the cake with a knife beforehand!

Then apply the sauce pepper.

Third, sandwich cakes, lamb skewers sandwich cakes, filled with a variety of fried food in a piece of yakitori, and then add various adjusted sauces and sprinkles.

It mainly uses lamb skewers, chicken skewers, ham sausage, eggs, red sausage, fish fillets, etc., and potatoes, mushrooms, tofu rolls, enoki mushrooms, eggplants, etc. as auxiliary materials.

Salty, fresh and spicy, heavy oil and heavy sauce, very suitable for northerners, and cheap, is the main morning of Jining people.

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