After Peng Changyi heard this,,Very emotional,He said:“I can’t bear it!”

Jiang Fan understands what he means,Said:“Don’t you have the heart to look at my face now?”Talking,Touched it myself。
Peng Changyi glanced at him,Looked away again,Nodding solemnly,Said:“You can’t tell me,That’s really the case。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan and Minister laughed。
Wang Jiadong says:“I started with this mentality,Think of the personable talent of the big Beijing ministries,Now it’s soaked by the plateau wind and the plateau sun?Haha,Except that the teeth are not blackened,It’s black everywhere。”
Jiang Fan quickly pointed to his heart and said:“It’s still red here。“
Then Peng Changyi set his sights on Jiang Fan,He said:“There is one thing that didn’t turn black,That’s the same white shirt。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan stretched out his hand,Beat him。
Peng Changyi looked at Jiang Fan again,Said:“Wind and sun on the plateau,The only benefit left on you is that you are much stronger。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan gave him another punch。Said:“Changyi,nice,Great progress,Secretary Wang was still complimenting you just now。”
Peng Changyi said:“I don’t believe this,If the secretary praises me,It’s not the principal but the secretary。”
“Haha,Brat。”Wang Jiadong said with a smile:“As if i didn’t praise you。”
Peng Changyi said seriously:“I never remembered。”

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