What do you all eat?

so many people,I can’t find out how the other party invaded?”
“I can’t blame this one。
Don’t believe it,This is the reason we just discovered the hack。”
The employee opens his tablet to the homepage of Tieba,The whole ins and outs,quickly,The chairman understands。
It was not caused by the employees of the company,It’s a game developed by myself,All procedures confidential,Have been seen by the other party,So the other party directly invaded from the loophole。
After invading the game,Invaded the company’s equipment with games。
I was a programmer from the beginning,Finally through the game,Step by step to today。
So take a look,The chairman also saw that。
“You see!”
The tablet was thrown directly onto the conference table by the chairman。
The first to get it was Vice Chairman Xue Le,After seeing the content on this tablet,Legs shaking。
Because of the secret,It turned out to be the secret of my latest game development。
The next few meeting shareholders,I also got the tablet to watch。
Five minutes later.“Xue Le,Would you please give me an explanation today,Don’t you want to get out of this door。”
“Humph!More than just step out of this door,Can you stand up at that time,This is still a problem。”
“Yes,If you don’t give us an explanation。

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