She hasn’t seen him for several days,When passing by his office,She found the door closed。

Arrived at work,In ancient times, she was told to go upstairs directly with herself,Asked her about some things at home,Xia Jihan suddenly remembered going home from the previous stage,She told her mother about ancient times,Mother smiled calmly and said:“Yes,We know each other,Are students in the same class but in different classes,And they took the north and south trains on the same day,Went to the vast countryside。”
When Xia Jihan finished telling her mother’s words to him,Embarrassment appeared on the gentle face in ancient times,He said:“Your mother said this?”
“Yes。”Xia Jihan said:“Mom is very impressed with you,That you were the backbone of literature and art at school,Always wear a pair of washed snow white shoes,Navy blue pants,Bright red vest,It’s the idol among many female students!”
Smiled and said in ancient times:“Your mother is our boys’ youth idol。She is a veritable school flower,Pretty proud,No one looks down on,There are not many that she can see。”Shaking his head while talking in ancient times,There was a moment of fascination in his eyes。
She vaguely felt that in ancient times and her mother could not be just classmates,But what’s the relationship。
Maybe it’s not good to tell her,In ancient times, he turned his head and looked at her and said:“Xiaoxia,You know the situation,The task of this feature film is very heavy right now,And it’s very meaningful,Not only on behalf of Ducheng, but also on behalf of Jinan to undergo inspections。We must also fully demonstrate the profound changes brought about by this historical change to today’s rural areas,It should be said to be a disruptive change。Because the creation activities not only change the farmers’ ideology,Still changing in the realm of life,Such as getting rid of bad habits, etc.,In addition, significant improvements have also been made in the construction of village-level democracy.。The city leaders entrusted us with such a heavy burden,Is the trust in us,Bureau team research decision,Take you back to the special section,To take charge of the shooting and production task of this feature film,After this film is finished,You will stay in the feature department,No longer participate in the interview of the news group。”
Volume Four:Mayor Guan takes office
Xia Jihan,I want to remove myself from the news group,Said without thinking:“why?Did i make a mistake?”
I looked at her and said:“Ha ha,You didn’t have this attitude when you first started,Requested to return to the subject department twice,How to change my mind now?”
Xia Jihan blushed,Say:“That is the starting idea,Now I just like the news interview,Give up again,In the heart……”
“Ha ha。”Smiled and said:“I’ll say hello in advance,You know such a thing first,discuss later,The bureau will fully respect your personal wishes。Currently you only do one thing,Is the task of leading the feature film production,Get out the first draft as soon as possible。”

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