【Most public figures are not there,They only say that I am an ordinary person.Ordinary people will not open their mouths】

【Freedom of speech is really a lot of brain damage to get the gold medal from death,Freedom of speech at every turn,Completely ruined these four words】
【But the bottom line of freedom of speech,It should be correct?】
【front,you are wrong,Because many times,In many things,No one knows the criterion for correct speech。】
【Terrible false statement,There are also many examples of freedom of speech】
【and so,The little empress said that freedom of speech requires a brave mouth,Because the truth is unclear】
【I was completely fanned by the little empress】
Full moon and hour at this time,Also really realized,Between them and the little empress,Real gap。Not simply social status,But in the worldview,Outlook on life,And the height and width of the horizon thinking.this,It’s that they might even reincarnate,People who can’t get it.
Outside the kitchen,Other people who watched the whole process,I feel sad.Not a person from the world,Really have a different brain.and so,The little female emperor can be the little female emperor,Not only because she is the daughter of Ou Huang.
Chapter 499 Reflection
Song Yan cheered up,Bringing Xiao Ke and many years to bring the dishes in,“Because they need to control their body and weight,So I prepared some ingredients that can be made into delicious fat-reducing meals,But because this may be the last time they let go a little bit to eat,So I still prepared a lot of meat。I simmer the meat first,Then we go to the pond to catch fish,good or not?”

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