Secretary Song Zhihou came in and poured Zhu Guoqing a glass of water,I gave Peng Changyi another glass,Went out。

Do not know why,Peng Changyi took a special look at Zhu Guoqing today,His most important partner in this city,But also the biggest political opponent。A square face,Strong figure,Buzz cut,Gold glasses on the bridge of the nose,Add a bit of gentleness to this too strong body,But Peng Changyi feels that the eyes behind the lenses are too smart,Whenever you talk to him,This pair of eyes and your eyes will not look at each other for too long,And I always blink when I stare at you,It feels like he is always thinking about what you say。
Peng Changyi knows,This is a man who has been in officialdom for a long time,Zhong Mingyi’s downfall、Unlucky Han Bing,Have nothing to do with him。This is a cadre trained by Fan Wenliang,We had honeymoon with Zhong Mingyi and Han Bing,Peng Changyi knows some of his personality in bits and pieces,But because I haven’t dealt with him directly before,After leaving Kangzhou, I usually have no contact。he does not know,Can this person be with himself“Honeymoon”?
After starting to work with him,Peng Changyi can always feel a certain pressure from the strong body of the mayor who took office with him,The origin of this pressure,Not Zhu Guoqing himself,But the original friendship。When mother died,Zhu Guoqing helped him,Although this help was done under the direction of the minister,But Zhu Guoqing put Minister’s“Instruct”Achieved the ultimate,Always moved Peng Changyi。Even when everyone criticizes him,And it didn’t affect this touch。Although Zhu Guoqing has a very casual attitude towards his former little brother,Although innocuous,But it also made Peng Changyi feel a little unhappy。
On the issue of recommending candidates for development zones,Zhu Guoqing once strongly recommended Lin Yan,And never regress,Peng Changyi has no choice,I had to get a vote at the team meeting,Cao Nan got the majority。Logically,As mayor,Shouldn’t dispute personnel issues with the secretary of the municipal party committee,What makes Peng Changyi confused is,Did Zhu Guoqing not treat himself as an outsider or look down upon himself and disrespect himself??Emotionally,Peng Changyi is more willing to be the former,But from a political point of view,Peng Changyi believes in the latter,He always wants to find a suitable opportunity,Make friends with this mayor,But recently it’s really burnt,They never sat down and talked safely,Nowadays,Seeing Zhu Guoqing with Shu Lang’s smile,When I walked into my office generously again,He suddenly wanted to talk to the mayor。
Sit opposite him,Peng Changyi said:“I would be more leisurely here,If Wen Qingxuan and others are not coming,I am going to see you for a meeting。”
Zhu Guoqing stared at him and said:“Ha ha,I came unsolicited。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“I have an idea,Do you think it works,I want to hold a citywide economic work conference recently,I want to touch you in some situations。”
Zhu Guoqing blinked his eyes behind the lenses and said:“It is also necessary to hold such a meeting at the end of the year,but,A little impetuous right now,Can it be moved to the end of the year??”
“Oh?why?”Peng Changyi noticed that he used a“and also。”
Zhu Guoqing put the piece of paper in his hand on the table,Said:“Because this time of the year is the time to adjust cadres,Shall we start after adjustment?,Or it will be opened next spring?”
Peng Changyi doesn’t know,Mayor of a government,Why are you so passionate about personnel work?
He subconsciously looked at the two pages of paper in his hand,Kou Jinghai reminded him of this,Said that Zhu Guoqing had made a wish。
Ning Xinqiyou,Believe it or not,Thought of here,He said without even thinking about it:“We both just took office not long,I do not plan to adjust the grassroots cadres in such a short time。Let’s take a look at the actual effect after the big discussion of job responsibilities,Make a decision。”
Zhu Guoqing obviously did not expect Peng Changyi to say that,He was stunned。

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