[Can you eat chives with fever-]_ Recommended diet

[Can you eat chives with a fever?

]_ Recommended diet

First of all, you have to distinguish which kind of condition you belong to?

To conduct a more specific examination, know the cause of the fever, and also take some targeted medication.

Can you eat chives with a fever?

It is believed that this problem also troubles many patients with fever.

In fact, the fever is not a particularly big problem, and the condition is better solved.

Symptoms of fever are actually a kind of fever that is caused by a type of heating that causes the body’s temperature point to rise suddenly above 5 ° C above normal body temperature.

And because everyone’s normal body temperature is slightly different, there are many other fevers and environmental factors that have a general impact on the body temperature, but how to determine whether you have a fever?

In fact, as long as you judge based on your normal body temperature in Celsius, the simplest is to measure the temperature of the coaxial socket in the hospital. The detection time is generally measured in about ten minutes, which exceeds 37.

2 Anything higher than the above can be regarded as a fever, and there are various causes of fever. The most common are infections and fevers, and most of the body will feel contradictory. Can fever eat leek? Leek is also regarded as a baby becauseLeeks not only have many functions, but also can be eaten as ordinary vegetables, and have certain help to prevent and treat diseases.

Leeks also have special medicinal value, because they contain a large amount of cellulose.

And the edible value and medicinal value of leek are particularly good, but not too much.

Therefore, it is okay to eat some chives when you have a fever.

From the above, you can know that it is OK to eat chives with fever.

However, it is recommended not to consume too much, which may easily cause diarrhea.

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