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Combat team!
Yang Zhi and his second team did not participate in this hand-to-hand battle,They have to stay where they are hiding,Preventing the danger behind Qin Liang and the others。
Two scientists sitting in the corner and the leader of the rebel army Abu,You can clearly see the fierce battle that happened not far in front of you,They all looked stunned!
This is incredible!
Five people!Is actually attacking a hundred enemies!And beat the hundreds of people and fled in embarrassment,Defeated!
What kind of courage is this?What kind of soldier is this?
Abu is completely silly,He always thought that the fighters he trained by himself,Is already the best soldier in the world,But compared with the soldiers of these special forces,His subordinates are nothing more……
The best way to protect yourself,Just mix with the enemy!
The rebels in chaos,I can’t see where the enemy is,I don’t know where the bullet came from……They only saw their brothers being killed one by one。
Great fear immediately began to spread among them,The first rebel soldier threw away his gun,Ran away like a U-turn,So the second one appeared immediately,The third……
Then more and more people threw away their guns,Fled in embarrassment。
In the end it became a collective defeat,Big escape!
Over a hundred people,Was defeated by five people like this,Ran away in a blink of an eye,Except for the dead bodies lying on the road,There is no more standing rebel fighter……
“Now we must immediately make a forcible breakthrough against the rebels who intercepted us,Three men responsible for protecting two scientists and the leader of the rebel army,One person is responsible for guarding the situation behind,Others followed me on assault!”
Qin Liang brought his first team back to Yang Zhi and others,Gave the order immediately!Time for them,Is a chance to live,So they can’t delay。
“Now everyone replenishes ammo immediately,Act fast,fast!”
Qin Liang finished,The first to start replenishing the bullets of the portable machine gun,The other special forces members immediately followed him into action。
And at the moment,Large numbers of rebels are moving from their headquarters compound and everywhere,Rush over to Qin Liang and the others,Because they already knew their leader was taken away,Abu for them,Is god,So they must save him anyway。

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