Murong Qianxue had steak caviar,It’s the first time I ate the grilled fish with game in the mountain stream,At least a few days ago,The ones I have eaten are not so authentic。

Half an hour later,The scent of grilled fish diffuses in the cave again,It is in perfect contrast with the choking smoke before,Xia Chenglong has an air on his face。
Finished eating,Wait for everything to be packed,The man just stretched,Glanced at the woman:“Actually grilling fish is also part of cultivation,Maybe wait for you to cook the fish yourself,Maybe reach the level you want to enter。”
Murong Qianxue did not speak,Did not open his eyes either。
“You still have something?”Wait a while,The woman opened her eyes and asked。
indeed,Xia Chenglong is still standing in place,Looking at each other awkwardly,He knew this was an excessive request,But after seeing the old man,This matter is a little eager。
“Except I want to fight you,Still need to fight others。”
“not my business!”Murong Qianxue said calmly。
In theory it is true,But Xia Chenglong still wants to try。
“If I can’t beat him,We will all die。”
“I just need to fight you!”
Don’t make sense,Women’s views are clear,She just wants to fight him,As for the final life and death, it is no longer planned。
Difficult,Don’t make sense,Then you can only use his most powerful moves。
Xia Chenglong took out the dagger from the storage,Put it directly on the neck,“If you don’t agree,I am killing myself now,At that time this will be the catastrophe of your life。”
Murong Qianxue speechless,This must be the one she knew before,The king who takes the first level of others from thousands of miles away?What’s the difference between this and a poppi rogue?

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