“Okay,Learned to suck up my sisters?incredible,I haven’t seen any strength for a few days. This is。”

Qin Liang teased the Ling Mofeng who was the last with him。
“by,Your sister-in-law is upset, haven’t you seen it??It should be you,Didn’t you just call,I will coax her for you,You don’t read me well and you tease me?You’re so heartless。”
Ling Mofeng’s contemptuous answer。
“She’s upset again?Why?”
Qin Liang hurriedly asked。
“how could I know!You ask me who should I ask!”
Ling Mofeng’s awkward answer。
“You messed with her?”
Qin Liangming knew it was impossible,But I asked deliberately,He is ready to shirk responsibility for a while。
“fart!Do you think that’s possible?I dare you not to mess with her!Not only she, I dare not provoke,I dare not provoke or will not provoke any of the Shen’s sisters, okay??I haven’t lived enough yet,I won’t commit suicide even if I want to die?It’s fun to have to be abused by a woman?”
Ling Mofeng hurriedly answered。
“Congratulations!You’re in trouble again,Haha,congratulations!”
Qin Liang said with a smirk suddenly。
“What happened to me again?”
Ling Mofeng asked surprised。

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