Heard her mention“Inner Mongolia”Two words,Ding Yi’s heart beat again,But she was depressed and excited,Then asked again:“Do your family members support your resignation??Like dad?”

“Ha ha。”Female lawyer smiled,Said with two rows of little white teeth:“Inertial thinking,You would think that Dad is very opposed to my resignation,Ha ha,no,Dad is a very enlightened old man,He just needs to call me from Shenzhen to his side,As for what occupation,He won’t interfere too much,Because the one who knows me best is Dad,Despite regrets,Although he regrets,But still have to accept reality,Because he has discovered my potential as a lawyer,I told dad,After becoming a lawyer,If I can’t win the first three cases,Just come back to work?”
“I can come back after resigning?”Ding Yiwen。
“Ha ha,”The female lawyer looked down and smiled,Said:“Of course it is impossible to go back to the procuratorate,I can be a teacher,And through relationships,Returning to the judicial team is not impossible,after all,My hardware is good,Age also has advantages。”
Ding Yi felt that she spoke easily,I guess her father or her family might have some influence in the local area,So she tentatively asked:“Then,Did you win the first three lawsuits??”
“I didn’t go back to sit in the office,Must have won。”The female lawyer proudly said。
“someone said,Lawyer in lawsuit,To a large extent,Is this kind of argument involved??”Ding Yiwen。
The female lawyer smiled at Ding Yi,Said:“I am very proud of this,The first three cases I took,Are not local,All from the surrounding areas,I’m afraid everyone will think so,I also want to test myself,Consciously take cases from other places,Including now。Although I am more famous in the field,But there are not many local cases,This is also the discipline my father gave me,He is afraid that people will say that my lawsuit is based on relationships,after all,The relationship between lawyers, courts and procuratorates is tangled,sometimes,Is hard to say clearly,These ones,You must not report。”
Ding nodded,Said:“But as far as i know,If the lawyer has no special reason,Must not refuse the party’s request,Can you refuse the request of the local party?”
Female lawyer smiled,Said:“Not still‘in case’Is it?”
“Ok?Haha——”Ding Yi smiled,This is the true style of a lawyer,Then said:“Why only be a criminal lawyer?”
Female lawyer said:“My job at the procuratorate is to perform death sentence review,In half a year,I reviewed more than a dozen death penalty cases,Dealing with these cases every day,Made me feel very depressed,Can’t be refreshed at work,There is even a natural resistance to these death penalty files,I suddenly felt the importance of lawyers’ work,Someone should help the poor、detestable、People on the verge of life and death。But the work I do makes me feel depressed,I often feel that I am just a puppet manipulated by others,Helpless and helpless。You can’t realize your own ideas and wishes,You can’t hear your own opinions and voices,all of these,Are overwhelmed by the sound of a powerful state machine。When a person cannot overcome a certain environment,Should think of avoiding this environment。I want to shout,I want to have my own space,I should try my best to find or create an environment suitable for my personality in this system,And the profession of a lawyer suits my personality very well,This field also suits me。”
Ding Yi understands what she said,Just said:“What do others think about your resignation,Like colleagues?”
Female lawyer smiled,Said:“Hi,Say everything,But I’m not a person who cares what others say,Not a person who is easily influenced by these gossips。It doesn’t matter to me what others think,The key is how you think。I told them,I resigned,It’s tantamount to reducing the burden on the procurator,Provide a job for the society,The prosecutor’s office is missing one idler,One more beggar for the lawyers。Say it like this,I actually don’t regret my choice,someone said,The current organization is most suitable for the elderly, the weak, the sick, and the people who don’t seek meritorious services but seek no fault.,Everything is attenuated in mutual loss,Although this is a bit biased,But there is some truth,Twenty-five and six years old is the most precious period for a person to start a business,I don’t want to lose my personality and vitality in that environment,One sentence,I don’t want to mess around。I am young,Passionate,Have energy,Still have a little ability。”Say here,The female lawyer showed confidence in her eyes。
Ding nodded,Looked at her with a very professional look,Said:“Really good,Among the criminal defense lawyers,There are not too many female lawyers, right??Why did you choose this field?”Ding Yi continued his question。
Female lawyer said:“Not much,I just said,This may have something to do with the death penalty review.,To me,There is nothing more fulfilling than keeping someone under a gun。”
Ding nodded,Suddenly said:“Have you ever been able to save it??”
Ding Yi asked,The female lawyer lowered her eyes,She bowed her head and pulled the grilled foie gras on the plate with a steel fork.,But didn’t eat,But to say:“Have,I still feel heavy when I think of it……”
“Lost the lawsuit?”Ding Yi asked cautiously。

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