Barkley agreed with O’Neill once。

Boss Joe, bastard,Every time I meet him,Would use their fingers to sign the championship ring。
If it wasn’t for my old man, he would be a civilized man now,I have to beat him to death with a stick!
Watching the exhausted Golden State Warriors on the court as if Shen Huan was not exhausted,Barkley also has a hint of sympathy for the Warriors。
“It’s not so much that they were beaten to death by Shen Huan,It’s better to say that they were dragged to death by Shen Huan。”Buckley Road,“Just like the last game,They can’t control Shen Huan, whose physical strength and physical fitness are bursting.。As long as it doesn’t solve this problem,No matter how they can shoot,Can’t beat the Lakers。”
“Kobe and Iverson have gotten a good helper!”O’Neill is jealous。
Kobe already has5A championship ring,He just4Pieces。
If you add Shen Huan’s birth this time,It is very likely that Kobe will become the leader of the Joe Gang,The first one can get6Championship players。
This honor is great!
You said it would be great if Shen Huan appeared ten years ago?
At that time, no matter how much I would cry and hug.leg,A lot of two championship rings!
Kobe and Iverson on the court,It’s not as bad as O’Neill said。
Two people this game,Hit a rare high level。
Not only is Shen Huan attacking the Golden State Warriors’ defense,The same for both of them。

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