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Ask for subscription</p>
Important things three times,The author created a group,Group number:</p>
Old driver inside,Moe new owner,Mensao people have everything,Welcome everyone。</p>
Another new book《Crossing the Worlds from the Special Forces》Hot serialization</p>
Friends from the starting point,Can search《From the audition scene to the entertainment circle》</p>
First327chapter New beginning(One)
To the director’s room downstairs,Many people are here。</p>
Su Luo was slightly surprised,Yao looked at him,Nodded:“sit down。”</p>
Su Luo turned and glanced,Sitting opposite Liang Yan,Smiled and said:“Did the director come to me for anything??”</p>
Yao looked at him,Silent for a while,Just said:“That’s it,Su Luo,We run the male show group,I am honored to be able to invite you to participate in this season’s show,Just because of some special force majeure factor,Make our cooperation unable to continue,Really Sorry。”</p>
Su Luo frowned,It can be written in the contract,If one party unilaterally violates the agreement,But I have to pay 50 million points in compensation。</p>
He doesn’t believe,The running men’s show crew would make such an unwise choice,The only explanation is what happened。</p>
as expected,As if to confirm his guess,I saw director Yao Ze picking up a tablet and handing it over,Tao:“About these things that slander you online,Our program group is also facing a lot of pressure,In the end we had to reluctantly make this decision。”</p>
Su Luo took it and looked at it carefully,See Du Niang’s browser,It’s all cursing their own titles,Furthermore, it seems that he and Ju pretending to be boy and girl friends have been exposed。</p>
This makes him puzzled,How could it be that he had carefully checked four weeks,No paparazzi,But the high-definition, uncoded photo of the two holding hands is not likePof。</p>
Silent for a while,He returned the tablet back,Ru nodded in the director group,Get up and leave。</p>
Needless to say,He has understood the cause and effect。</p>
before,Although there are often scolding voices on the Internet,But that’s just a stock,And there is no conclusive evidence。</p>
Those black fans black him,Will only increase his popularity,But now it’s different,The guy who claims to be the number one paparazzi on the Internet,Exposed such a photo。</p>

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