As for Ye Tianzong。

After leaving the office,Saw Tanaka and his wife sitting on a chair basking in the sun。
“You fool,Watching us do?”
Ren Yingying sneered:“Your wife seems to be in trouble,Aren’t you foolish enough?Don’t hurry to help?”
“Just a fool,I really thought he had the ability to reach the sky?”
“I heard,Hurt someone,There are also reporters taking pictures with the team,If not handled well,To Hailong Bay Project,Is a big blow。”Tanaka Nobubuki stretched,Shook his head:“It’s really a broom star,Bringing trouble right after taking office,I knew this,It would be better to hand over the jurisdiction to us early,Why take off your pants and fart,Superfluous?”
Just finished。
Ye Tianzong suddenly rushed over。
Tugging at the neckline of Tanakashin’s clothes。
Powerful,Almost pulled him up,Even breathing is fast。
“You fool,Let go of my husband!”
Ren Yingying rushed over。
But Ye Tianzong pushed away with one hand,Roughly:“roll!”
“Tanaka,Specific things,I do not know yet。”
“But you and I know,behind,You two are making a ghost。”

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