“but,He died just in time。”

“If he doesn’t die,I haven’t had a chance to put the Lin Group’s company,Bankrupt,Then put the bankrupt funds,Are all transferred to my private account!”
In the scene,All their own。
Lin Yu said this,That’s arrogant。
especially,Own dad,Also inquired about。
Say as if next month,Still can’t find Lin Shao,Future heir to the family,Very likely to be re-announced,And the possibility of becoming a future heir,99.9%。
“it is good,well。”
“You eat Lin’s,Wear the Lin family。”
“Because of the Lin family,This is today。”
“now,I betrayed the Lin family,I want to make the Lin family yours。”
“this matter,Wait for Lin Shao to come back,I will tell Shao Lin every one, five and ten。”
Zhao Long,Loudly and coldly。
who knows,It’s not bad。
One talk,Lin Yulai who heard this,Even more arrogant and disdainful:“is it?
Then tell him by the way,I don’t just want to bankrupt the Lin family,Still in these few days,Put the company’s hundreds of millions,Are transferred to my private account。”
“correct,Except this one,Today’s party,Tens of millions spent,in fact,Also transferred to my account,Real cost,That’s hundreds of thousands。”
“you remember,Put this some,Also tell Lin Shao,Haha!!”
After saying these words,Lin Yulai suddenly laughed。
Because of Lin Yu,Are all gone。

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