Sister smiled,Said:“Yes——remember,My secretary——Hee hee。”

Jiang Fan said:“Don’t be hippie smiley,I’m talking about business,Is the discipline you must obey as a sister,Bema daha!”
“Yes,I promise to execute!”
“Are you in dad’s room?”
“I am on duty today,Just went to see dad,He is resting,Don’t worry, my brother。”
“All right,Don’t be poor,Then I won’t talk to dad,I’m having something outside,If it doesn’t matter, dad,I’ll go back to see his old man tomorrow,Activities scheduled tonight,You have to bother。”Jiang Fan calmed down and said。
Jiang Yan said:“rest assured,Dad is really fine,If something happens,Just they won’t let me tell you,I have to find ways to tell you,I’m still afraid of your complaints in the future。”
“Ok,As long as you know。Jiang Yan,Worked hard,Brother thank you。”
Jiang Yan said happily:“Yo,Comrade Jiang Fan,What’s wrong with you?do not forget,He is also my father,Who told me to keep my parents close??Who is near,Take care of whoever,Moreover,They also helped me pull the child up,You have children in the future,Parents can’t see them,Speaking of,I also got a big deal from my parents?Don’t blame them, sister-in-law。”
“This one,Tell her。”
Jiang Yan smiled,Said again:“correct,Is sister-in-law still quiet??How are her feet?”
“She has nothing to do now,Don’t worry about it。”
“That won’t work,Who made me a doctor,Have to worry about,If you come tomorrow,Let her check again。”

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