Chapter three thousand six hundred and eighty eight Traitors and traitors are you
“I have a hasty,When did your kid have such a good reputation in front of the Shen family girls?”
Qin Liang asked a bit awkwardly。
“Because Brother Mo Feng never bullies girls。”
Of course, the person who answered Ling Mofeng was Wang Xiaohong。
“That’s because he doesn’t have the ability to bully you, OK?!”
Qin Liang’s unconvincing argument。
“When I went to the beach last time,Xiao Yuer met a bad guy,Brother Mo Feng didn’t know how to work at all,And bravely ran over to stop the bad guys,Fighting with several bad guys alone!”
Another girl said confidently。
“That’s because I was still in the sea,Did not see……”
Qin Liang continued to struggle stubbornly to answer。
“Brother Mo Feng never said he would spank any of our girls。”
Wang Xiaohong joked on purpose,But her joke is very reasonable,Belong to“A sword through the heart,See blood seal throat”Kind of。
“I just talk about,I haven’t really spanked any of you!It’s no fun for you to be so hypocritical。”
Qin Liang already felt that his fate would end in failure……
“Said it is a threat,Whether it was really hit or not,That is also a disrespect and a serious threat to our girls,Verbal violence。”

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