Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Six Really poor understanding!
After dinner,Several people went back to their rooms to rest,Zhang Mengke still wants to live with her aunt’s one day,So Qin Shi still sleeps on the sofa as usual。
Lin Yun and Zhang Mengke talked about work all night,And Zhang Mengke also mentioned Big Brother Xiao Chu intentionally or unintentionally,For Jingchu,Lin Yun also knows a little bit。
After all, together with Qin Shi for so long,Lin Yun and him have met many times。
It just made Lin Yun feel a little suspicious,Zhang Mengke, this little girl,Actually most of the questions are about Jing Chu’s relationship issues。
How does she know this kind of problem,She only heard Qin Shi say,The fate of Jing Chu’s child is more miserable,That’s why I took him to do things。
But Qin Shi felt very uncomfortable,Two days already,Didn’t sleep with Lin Yun,There is no such scent around,Qin Shi couldn’t sleep well。
Passed so peacefully all night,The next morning,Jingchu sent Zhang Mengke back to Zhang’s house。
Along the way,Zhang Mengke obviously talked less than when we first met,Jing Chu didn’t notice this。
The car quickly drove to the door of Zhang’s house,Jing Chu coughed twice,No nicotine stimulation for a long time,Jing Chu feels a little unwell。
Zhang Mengke is allergic to smoke,Do not know why,Jing Chu really cares about this,So I never touched a cigarette when I was with her。
“Got home,Get off。”
Jing Chu said calmly。

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