Could it be that Guo Yuansheng is the same as Yan Lun,Has become an ungrateful lord?!

“Such a rich man,Why come here to say hello to you!”
Qiao Yiyi heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words and seemed to understand what was going on,Chongmo Xiaosheng said,“Although you saved people’s lives,But it’s been so long,And they also divided your shares,I don’t owe you anything,Say again,Don’t people greet you occasionally on weekdays??Already done very well,so,You can’t kidnap morally,I have to see you,After all, they are now the richest man in Asia,Maybe you can’t see the leaders alone!”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded when he heard Qiao Yiyi’s words.,Don’t say,What Qiao Yiyi said really makes sense,But if it’s as Qiao Yiyi said,Guo Yuansheng didn’t come to see himself,The bull blown out by Mo Xiaosheng,But I slapped myself!
After going to the hospital the next day,Mo Xiaosheng remembered this,I couldn’t help but took out my phone and prepared to call Guo Yuansheng to ask,Ask the richest man in Asia if he can take some time to meet himself。
But unexpectedly,His phone hasn’t been dialed yet,Guo Yuansheng took the initiative to call。
Mo Xiaosheng lifted his spirits,I suddenly breathed a sigh of relief,Quickly answered the phone,Smiled,“Hey,Mr. Guo?!”
“Mr. Mo,How have you been?!”
Guo Yuansheng’s somewhat excited voice came over the phone,Although Mandarin still has a strong Cantonese accent,But much better than two years ago,“Are you in the capital now?!”
“here I am,how,You came to capital?!”
Mo Xiaosheng pretended to ask without knowing it。
“Correct,Correct,I came to Beijing to talk about something!”
Guo Yuansheng said hurriedly,“In fact, it was planned some time ago,But never dared to tell you,I’m afraid my schedule will change,In case you can’t go,Let you think I’m unreliable,Now i’m in the capital,That’s why I dare to call you!”
Guo Yuansheng said with a smile,Extremely flattering in the tone。
“Mr. Guo is polite,You said earlier,I’ll pick you up too!”
Mo Xiaosheng said kindly to him。
“No need to,No need to,Mr. Mo,How dare you take it!”
Guo Yuansheng said carefully,“Is it convenient for you now,I’ll visit you if it is convenient,If it’s inconvenient,I’ll wait,When is it convenient for you,Just hello!Before seeing you,I won’t see anyone!”
Before he came,Made a decision,The first person I want to see is Mo Xiaosheng。

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