“No matter what i become,You are my darling。”

“But there are so many beautiful girls around you。”Looking at Zhao Ming,Xiao Wu is a little bit worried about gains and losses。Although she is generous,But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care。Instead she cares。
“No matter how many women around me,You will always be my favorite。”Zhao Ming smiled,Tighten Xiao Wu’s waist with his arms,Feel the unique fragrance exuding her。
“really?”Xiao Wu’s big beautiful eyes looked at Zhao Ming。
“Really。”Zhao Ming buried his head in Xiao Wu’s hair,Said softly。
“Can i want a baby?”
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three Zhao Wulin and Zhao Wutong
“Xiao Wu,You are?”Zhao Ming was taken aback,Looking at baby Xiao Wu in shock,I didn’t expect her to say such a thing。Baby Xiaowu already thinking about being his child’s mother so soon??
Looking at Zhao Ming’s surprised eyes,Xiao Wu is very shy,But looking at Zhao Ming with those big beautiful eyes。
“I just want to give birth to your first child。”Xiao Wu said shyly。
After struggling,She still made this decision。
Zhao Ming is so good,10,000 times better than she thought。These six years,She already has many beautiful sisters by her side,All of them look no less than her,She has the advantage of getting to know Zhao Ming early,No other advantages at all。
and,People around me are getting better and better。She was also a little flustered。
and so,She figured it out。
She is more than just Zhao Ming’s woman,And give birth to her first child。
So she will feel safe。
Listen to Xiao Wu’s words,Zhao Mingwu。

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