“Correct,Should drink something。”Mo Xiaosheng nods slightly,Said with a smile。How could he not know what these people are fighting,But he also has his own thoughts in his heart。

This idiot!
Qiao Yiyi frowned and gave Mo Xiaosheng a glance,Mo Xiaosheng shook Qiao Yiyi’s hand,Signal her to rest assured,There is him。And then took the wine in person,Pour Qiao Yiyi a glass。
Joey is silent,She naturally believes in Mo Xiaosheng。
“Brother Mo is refreshing!”
Yu Xin shouted excitedly,Keep sneer in my heart,This silly lack,This is to send his wife to his mouth。
“Come,Brother Mo,I toast you!”Yu Xin got up first and toasted a glass of wine with Mo Xiaosheng。
“it is good。”Mo Xiaosheng is not polite,I touched Yu Xin with the wine,Drink it all。
“Brother Mo,First time meeting,I toast you too!”One of the department directors also got up and toasted with Mo Xiaosheng。
“it is good。”Mo Xiaosheng never refuses,One head up and another cup。
“Brother Mo,first meet,Contact more in the future。”Another toast。
“no problem!”Mo Xiaosheng raised his head for another cup。
Qiao Yiyi frowned slightly,Some worry that Mo Xiaosheng was just getting drunk。She regrets coming to the party,Now she sees it,Dean Yu is not at all at ease with her。
Mo Xiaosheng drank a cup with these people,Wait for this lap,He’s already drunk。
Yu Xin looked happy,This Mo Xiaosheng is not just a waste,Still a silly brain。
Then the ink circled down again,Mo Xiaosheng is sipping liquor again,But he still looks the same,No trace of drunkenness,On the contrary, there are a few who don’t drink hard liquor often,Two glasses of high wine,Flushing,There is a burning feeling in my stomach。
“Damn,Brother Mo is good at drinking!”

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