A close friend who can never be trusted

A close friend who can never be trusted

After Xuanxuan got married, she rarely contacted her former sisters. Everyone was busy and rarely got together.

It’s just that he and Emi are still as good as ever. They have to date once a week, and sometimes Xuanxuan also calls her husband Guodong to come for an appointment.

  Guodong’s mother was sick recently and was hospitalized. Guodong took the full cost of treatment, but Guodong’s other two sisters did not pay.

Xuanxuan was quite dissatisfied with this, wasn’t Mom the mother of our Guodong?

As soon as the complaint came out, Emi was immediately excited. From the family who was in charge of the financial power to Guodong’s sisters’ monthly income, they knew exactly what they were doing.

After that, she started to do her personal analysis, and the final copy was that Guodong was guarding you everywhere, and his mother and sister were helping to guard you.

Xuanxuan, you think, Guodong’s mother didn’t have any money to spend. Why did Guodong pay for the hospitalization expenses? It wasn’t that he spent the money of the two of you and kept it for yourself. Your money was for two people.The rest of his mother’s money is Guodong’s own.

Besides, whose name is written on your property certificate, it ‘s fucking. Although the mother paid for it, you should rename it when you get married. If you have any problems now, the house is also a national building.Human . In short, that afternoon Xuan Xuan was sitting on a needle and felt anxious to go home and confront Guodong immediately.

  Xuanxuan’s problem-solving ideas: her point of view, my backing.

  Example analysis: Some girlfriends rely on personal frustrated love experiences, and think they can help their friends and become “dog-head military divisions” for emotional counseling, and even become “paparazzi” busy collecting evidence, sometimes just for fearThe world is not chaotic, but the idea is in chaos, causing you and him to have nothing to do with each other, but the love of the sea followers.

Such a “close friend” may be a good intention to mention, but if you can’t hold a good measure, think that it is Bao Gong’s case, and act for the sky, her “justice” may become the number one emotional killer between you and her.

  Faced with those three aunts and six wives who like gossip, it is not necessary to break up with them, because gossip is the nature of women, and their starting point is not out of malice.

For these okay people who like to jump out and say 10 men and 9 bad and frequently-speaking contemporary female warriors, the correct way can only be to brighten their eyes to fake the truth, to divide the right and wrong around you, and do it according to your environmentA rational judgment, because different events happen in different time environments and different people will have different effects.

  Another suggestion is to try not to tell family things to your close friends, because even if you do n’t look back at your whole life, some trivial matters may still spread to others’ ears, because women’s nature likes to spread gossip.

  The correct formula: remove her verdict.

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