Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty Two until

“prior to,Someone sent a letter to my boyfriend。The sender claims to be the adopted son of An Dong。And this adopted son said,The missing person message posted by my boyfriend,Fits perfectly with his adoptive father。I am not familiar with our country’s adoption bill,But I also know the harsh conditions of the adoption policy。How difficult it is for an unmarried man to adopt a child,Don’t say it’s hard to get to the sky,But almost。”
“In addition to special status,Or in addition to policies,That means the possibility of being married is higher。Based on my negative sentiment towards this man named An Dong,So I hold the most malicious,Suspect that he is a married man。”
“.”Even Yuze is dumbfounded。You are so cruel to yourself.
Ou Baobao was unmoved by Zhang Yulin and Yuze’s eyes,go on,“If you are married,Then,Surname An。The content of my brain is,This anan,Is An Dong’s child。Her unkind attitude towards me,It also proves that my interest relationship with her is completely opposed。”
“but,The most ridiculous thing is.”Baby Ou looked at Zhang Yulin with biting eyes,“My last name is ou。I am Ou Zhaozhao’s daughter。I’m just her daughter。I won’t be anyone’s daughter。”Order the table,“you,do you understand?”
“Something that needs to be monopolized or guarded in the eyes of others,To me,Cheap as grass。Don’t talk about privileges,What security level,What father’s bloodline,I don’t care。My Ou Bao is by my mother,Ou Zhaozhao raised it in his heart。I’m so precious。My mother gave me so beautiful, smart and kind,It’s all my mother’s credit。Has nothing to do with anyone。I’m not willing to abuse myself,I stayed up all night carefully,If anyone else dares to abuse me.”
Baby Ou stand up,Looking condescendingly at Zhang Yulin,“An An,Forget it,I won’t give up。Since she dare to provoke me,I’ll let her taste the consequences that provoke me。If she can be An Dong’s daughter at ease,,Well-behaved,I have no opinion。But if you hold the things I hate as treasures, you will start to be strong, afraid that I will grab them,This is really disgusting to me.”
Walk to the window,“You know,In private with my boyfriend,I call you all,People who know the truth still hang me and my mother who don’t stop bait,Godmother。”
Baby Ou gets angry,But it’s not unreasonable,“Let’s not talk about An Dong,I grew up so old,Daou Neng is developing so smoothly,After I realized the identity of my biological father,I understand。I am sincerely grateful for what you did,I am also grateful for the special care given to us by the official。but,all of these,It’s not a reason you can fool my mother!!!”
“Even if you,And my biological father,Have a last resort,These twenty years,Can’t tell half the truth。but,Your patience,I can’t sympathize。Because I love my mom so much,I love her very much。She frowned,I can’t wait to pick her stars and moon。If she doesn’t find a boyfriend, I have to ask Wanming’s trainee to dance for her。you,you guys,Won’t know,How much i love her.”
Baby Ou turned around,Looking at the speechless Zhang Yulin,“You won’t know,When I knew her for more than 20 years,Never gave up looking for my biological father,When I’ve been holding on to hope and facing endless despair,How heartbroken i am。Mom i love so much,you guys,Anton,Just abuse her like this.Your patience,in my opinion,Less than one billionth of my mother’s pain。”
“I’m so partial。”
Baby Ou came over,“I have grown up。I am curious about my biological father,Not because i want to find him,But because I don’t want to miss him anymore。His life and death,to me,not important,I just want a result。This is my account of my own life。It’s also an account of my mother。Is he called Anton or Anthony,It doesn’t matter,As long as he is completely separated from the lives of our mother and daughter,That’s it。”
Zhang Yulin never dreamed,Baby Ou actually thought so。
“An An is not his biological child,You are the only child of his own。You are his only blood.”Zhang Yulin was talking,Tears came down.

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