But here,Ye Xuan waved his hand,I spoke to this side very simply。

“All right,Actually now,We don’t need to deal with these issues for now。”
“Start now,I think you guys should prepare quickly。”
When Ye Xuan said this,,obviously,Ye Xuan itself,Actually, it’s already planned。
Now that it’s decided to do this,Then there is nothing to continue tangling。
Ready to prepare,In fact, you can already consider starting。
And at the moment,Ye Xuan smiled slightly:“It seems,You are right,I really should do something first。”
When Ye Xuan looked at these things,The more so,Actually while seeing here,At this moment,Ye Xuan was very plain。
I won’t talk about that much for now,But here,Such a thing,In fact, in essence,It’s still necessary to solve this problem as soon as possible.。
While looking at these,Ye Xuan at this time,It doesn’t feel much in itself。
“All right,Actually start now,Other things,There is nothing to entangle at the moment。”
“As for what I want to toss next,Then start as soon as possible,Anyway, we don’t need to worry about this。”
When Ye Xuan watched this scene,Ye Xuan waved his hand,Talking lightly。

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