Unbelievable behind the ball!

“Facing the Pelicans’ level of defense,Xu Xuan’s pass without looking at people reached an incredible height!”
“Xu Xuan once again tore through the Pelicans’ defense with his pass!”
“The strongest pass master in history,Is this the person who claims to have inherited the soul of white chocolate??”
Watching the defense with a lot of holes again on the court,Gentry standing on the sidelines is now shaking with both hands。
This is definitely the most uncomfortable game he won in his coaching career!
Whether facing Xu Xuan without the ball or Xu Xuan with the ball,They really can’t do anything!
This is the final score between the Pelicans and the Pacers。
When the game is over,There is no joy for the Pelicans on the court to win。
This is really a victory sent by others!
First275chapter The future of the Pacers!
the next day,The preseason results of the New Orleans Pelicans and the Indiana Pacers blow up the whole world。
Pelicans on the road110ratio95Beat the walkers,Points difference15Minute。

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