Murong Shan also said with deep feeling,Anyway,This incident also started because I wanted to kidnap her,So Ling Xiaoyun’s death,It’s because of her。

“Shall we go out to celebrate?”
Murong Shan suggested。
Ordinarily this moment,It’s really worth celebrating。
As a result, everyone didn’t answer the conversation,Everyone looked at each other,look at me,I see you,In the end they all cast their sights on Qin Liang’s body。
“what happened?You are?”
Murong Shan realized that something was wrong。
“No,Everyone is so happy,you are right,We should celebrate,Let’s go,I treat。”
In order not to discourage everyone,Qin Liang, who has been silent by the side,Barely squeeze a smiley face,Speak loudly。
“Yeah,I want to eat a lot of delicious!”
In order to divert everyone’s attention, Liu Xiaoyun,Take your attention away from Qin Liang,Yelled and cheered immediately。
“Eat a lot every day,Why don’t you see you grow flesh??”
Shen Ruoxue took over Liu Xiaoyun’s words。
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Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty Two Snatch home to be a wife
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“who said it?I think I have gained a lot recently。”
Liu Xiaoyun finished,Subconsciously touched my stomach。

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