Although the old saying is good,Love but not hide,Self-destruction,But this sentence seems to have no effect on the two!

Wang Yufei’s jump is also a challenge to the ordinary hearts of the teachers in the second year of high school.。
Basically, you can’t look at the row where the two sit in class。
Seeing is passing a note。
Yes,Transfer note。
In fact, from the perspective of discipline,They did a good job。
Like never talk in class,Affect students’ learning,But oneA4Manuscript,Often a lesson can be filled with content on both sides。
Since the paper was taken out of the wastebasket and checked that day,The head teacher, Lao Hu, has completely lost interest in seeing what the two talked about。
in contrast,He started to look forward to the final exam。
He does not intend to intervene in other subjects,But language……
Ok,The difference between the two is at least six points,This is Lao Hu’s bottom line。if it is possible,Sixteen points are fine!
of course,Wang Yufei is absolutely unexpected,That day, a wild proposal made the lovely class teacher and Chinese teacher serious。
If you think of it……
Thought of nothing,Anyway, it’s a matter of heaven。
Of course there will never be short episodes in life。
For example, Wang Yufei received a subpoena from the Second Intermediate Court of Beijing as he wished。
I don’t know that the court specifically investigated,Or it’s pure coincidence,The Second Intermediate Court accepted this case,And set the trial date on the third day after the final mid-term exams。
In other words, Wang Yufei can calmly deal with the final exam,Fixing a day at home,Then I was buying a high-speed rail ticket or plane ticket to Beijing,Go to respond。

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