50 self-treatment acupuncture points, symptomatic, no double money, but double the health effect


50 self-treatment acupuncture points, symptomatic, no double money, but double the health effect

1, the body is afraid of cold, the feet are always cold – press the Yongquan point, if you click on the point does not play up, it is best to use moxibustion, if the fire penetrates, this method is not suitable.

2, the foot is hot, but the foot is not cold – the most need for the Yongquan Spring.

3, snoring is not only (rebellious) – is the lack of kidney gas, gas does not go down, can not return to the source, and going up will produce snoring, according to Yongquan point.

4, the cold track vomiting – press the Yongquan spring point.

Deficiency is the nausea and vomiting when you eat something cool, which is caused by insufficient kidney.

5, tinnitus, deafness – press the 鎻?Yongquan point (because the kidney is open to the ear, the kidney lack of the ear will have problems).

6, high blood pressure – press the Yongquan spring point.

It is also possible to make the Chinese herbal medicine into a powder, adjust the vinegar, and form a mud-like paste on the sole of the foot. It can stabilize the blood pressure very well.

7, nosebleeds – mashed garlic on the soles of the feet, left nostril bleeding paste right foot heart, right nostril bleeding paste left foot heart, while bleeding at the same time paste one, no more than 10 minutes.

The ancients said that they are always on the brink, and if they are not good, they have other diseases.

8, treatment of diabetes, irritability, dry mouth, sore throat, enuresis, nocturnal emission, – press 鎻夌劧璋风┐.

When you look for the Ranggu point, you can first touch the internal recombination bone of the foot. There is a high bone 2 cm diagonally forward, and the valley hole is at the lower edge of the high bone.

9, suddenly can not speak, such as the throat is particularly dry – press 鎻夌劧璋风┐.

10, male urinating short red (that is, less urine, very hot, yellowish color), etc. – press 鎻夌劧璋风┐.

11, Yishen Pingchuan, Tongfu two stools, strong waist and strong bones, clearing the brain and soothe the nerves, treating heel pain, timid and fearful things, etc. – press the valley.

12, Yin Huowang – press the big bell.

13, the old man can’t say anything – press the big bell.

14, treatment of cystitis, dysuria, rubber gland disease, irregular menstruation – press the 鎻夋按娉夌┐.

15, the heel suddenly pain – press the Qishuiquan point, if it is a long-term heel pain, it is necessary to smash the big bell and Taixi.

16, climbing a mountain toe soreness – press the water spring points.

17, treatment of sore throat, chronic pharyngitis – according to the sacred sea points.

18, often dry throat, drink water does not work, no saliva, is the lack of kidney yin – press the Taixi point can make up the kidney yin.

19, gout, uric acid is too high, this is too much toxin in the urine – every day Taixixi can solve the problem from the source.

20, nephritis, can not discharge urine – 鎻?Taixi point can also help to get rid of uremic.

21, Taixi point is the kidney through the original point, kidney and blood.

22, congenital convulsions – press 鎻?Taixi points.

23, always crying, crying, the eyes are increasingly unable to see things – more than Taixi points.

24, anorexia – press the Taixi point.

25, chest tightness, bronchitis, high blood pressure – press the Taixi point.

26, old dementia, tinnitus, loose teeth – open the kidney, these symptoms are gone.

27, sore throat – press 鎻?Taixi point, Rangu point, Yongquan point.

A single sputum, the one who screamed in it, the painful one was sore throat.

The switch points of the kidney are particularly suggestive: the Zusanli point is heavier than the post-filling day, and the Taixi point is heavier than the supplemental day.

If you make up the day, you must start from Taixi.

* The medicine that regulates the kidney’s lever – Fu Chuan 28, swelling (where there is swelling) – press the squatting point (because the swelling means that there is water in the stagnant flow, silted, thisThe hole can make it re-circulate).

29, varicose veins – press 鎻?婧?婧?

30, cervical spondylosis, reproductive system disease, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. – according to the sputum valley.

31, gout, stones, depression, epilepsy – according to the squatting built acupuncture points.32, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, etc. – press the 鎻?鎻?銆?

33, swelling and diuresis, varicose veins, edema, bloating, spontaneous sweating, night sweats, diarrhea, urinary incontinence, finger numbness, etc. – press 鎻?婧?婧?

34, half a day of urine can not come out, urinary incontinence – press 鎻?婧?銆?銆?

35, lowering blood pressure – first press the 娉?zeze point (lower the gas above), then squatting back to the point (receive the lowered gas to hold it, let it fix), and finally 鎻?Taixi point, in order to trulyAdding the kidneys is gradually taking effect step by step.

36, the legs and feet are sore, or the feet are always raised on the table to be comfortable, it is not the blood can not go – more than a day to repeat the hole.

137, cataract, glaucoma, floating mosquitoes, eye pain, upper eyelid weakness (opening and opening, but also open and open, open and open for a while and pull down) and other issues – 鎻?婧?婧?閮?閮?閮?

38, the finger end or the toe end is always numb, it is qi and blood can not go, the original power is not enough – every day to press the 鎻?婧?銆?

39, tonifying the kidney – first squatting back to the point, let it pass first, immediately smash the Taixi point, and bring the good blood quickly, and lay the foundation.

40, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding (not coming during the menstrual period or uterine bleeding, dripping more than waiting) – press the 鎻?鎻?銆?

41, when the baseline is soft, boring, and there is fear in your heart – you can increase your temper by pressing the 瀹?瀹?

42, antidote to drugs, air pollution poisoning – people who take western medicine regularly, usually must build more points (also solve the poison, poison, air pollution).

43, relieve liver poisoning – 鎻?too rushing points.

44, uric acid is too high – uric acid is too high will produce gout, stone disease, sputum built acupuncture points can treat these diseases.

45, the nerve is hurt – 鎻?瀹?瀹?瀹?

Special note: The main function of the Zhubin Point is to clear away heat and dampness, relieve phlegm and calm the nerves, and relieve qi and relieve pain.

46, abdominal pain around the navel – according to the sputum valley.

According to the use of the giant sputum on the stomach, the effect of abdominal pain is better.

Coupled with the push of the belly method, the effect is fast and good.

47, treatment of cervical spondylosis, reproductive system diseases, abdominal pain, diarrhea – according to the phlegm and blood stasis (this point in the knee socket, the site of the Central Committee).

This hole is a good point for the treatment of cervical spondylosis.

Traditional Chinese medicine often says “kidney bone”, the cervical vertebrae and the vertebral body are all part of the bone.

48, abdominal pain around the belly button – press the sputum valley.

49, diarrhea – first press the yin and yin valley, plus the vomiting method of pushing the belly, recuperation is fast and good.

50, cure heart, gastrointestinal, reproductive system, urinary system, emotional and other diseases – push the chest and abdomen kidney, heart, gastrointestinal disease, reproductive system, urinary system, many diseases will be solved).

When a woman touches her abdomen and self-treatment, she will come here first. Welcome to follow the comments and forward the comments. Your encouragement is to give me the greatest support. I will continue to update more health knowledge for everyone. I hope everyone is safe and healthy!

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