“Do you want me to buy you some snacks??”

Liu Xiaoyun is talking irony,She really took it,She found that Qin Liang now likes to behave like a baby more and more,But isn’t this supposed to be the way I did to him??Why is it the other way around??
“You plan to keep hiding at the door and talk to me like this?Defend me like a wolf, right??”
Qin Liang is starting to find the difference again……
“No……You think too much!”
Liu Xiaoyun covered it up,Then bit his head and walked to the balcony,The balcony door with the spring hook closed immediately by itself,So Liu Xiaoyun is now putting herself in“Danger”Midway!
“If you really want to coax me,Just be serious!If you didn’t plan to coax me,Just come here to perfuse me,Then you can go now。”
Qin Liang pretended to say。
“Haven’t I been coaxing you?Can’t you feel it?”
Liu Xiaoyun frowned and said。
“It’s useless to coax me with your mouth,Can I have something practical?”
Qin Liang started again,He often said this to every girl who was close to him,He himself is not bored!
“Forget it!I’m leaving,Keep getting angry by yourself。”
Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t eat his set,I really want to leave after speaking,But she just took a step,Qin Liang stretched out his hand and pulled her back……
“Hey!This is at home!Everyone is here!Can you just talk and not do it?!”
Liu Xiaoyun pretends to be calm。
“Do not,I prefer to do nothing but speak。”

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