future,With the cold war in the land of fire and the land of water,The fifth Ninja War finally broke out。

The alliance formed by the Nation of Water and the Shell Organization faces the coalition forces formed by the other four villages。
Although the battle was quite tragic,But the scale of victory is still tilted towards the ninja coalition in the four villages.,but,At the end of the war,The last moment of the Nation of Water’s defeat,No one thought,The S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau, which was originally controlled by Hydra, suddenly sent Big Big Wolf to join the alliance of the Water Country and the Shell Organization.。
The original name of the water country that has been retreating,Unscrupulously used Big Gray Wolf in the final madness to provide a biochemical virus,finally,Led to a full outbreak of Resident Evil in the ninja world。
Bo Ren’s arm,Is when going out to perform tasks,I can’t cut it off if I accidentally bitten by a zombie。
“.Your cloak is.”
Hyuga Huahuo glanced at the blood-stained cloak behind Bo Ren。
“This one was given to me by Zuo Liangna,The cloak of the eighth generation Naruto,And these reincarnation eyes,It was the fusion of Uncle Sasuke and Zoryana’s reincarnation eyes,And the nine tails in my body,There are two,One of them was given to me by my father.”Bo Ren’s voice gradually became more swallowed。
Outside Konoha Village。
“Sister Huahuo,Please don’t tell others about me,The jar merchant told me before coming,If you change the past too much,Then my future will disappear。”The blogger said to Hyuga Huahuo,“and so,I just stay outside the village,But now,I want to follow you to find someone。”
“Who to look for?”
Asked Hyuga Fireworks。

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